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Why am I married?

Marriage is a very good thing,
Honorable and ordained by God himself.
But have you ever ask yourself, am I doing the right thing, should I do this? It is written in the bible that it is better to be married than to burn, (with lust) or to fornicate.
When a woman who is supposed to be your wife finds joy in dedicating her time
To her boss business, or her church business, but cannot find the time for her own personal homework, then it’s so sad
I know many men are having these experiences With their wives who complains every time they have to do something at their home, but whatever they are assigned to do on their job site they would put all their effort to the task, without complaining.
What about their home?
Simple things are a blessing, but many women fail to realize that.
It hard to spend time together with someone who ain’t there for you,
A naughty woman’s feet abides not in her home, these kinds are traffic blockers.
Marriage should be reversable, like
Take me back to the day, before you say I do, then you would say, ( I’ll try!!!)MAYBE…
To be married to some women,
Is like a trial version software, which requires a up grade,
Getting use to this version, now it no longer works, it now requires that you go pro.
Knowing that you are married,
To go pro, would require a divorce.
And I don’t believe in divorce,
Neither do I believe in being married and living apart.
I live one day at a time, and do whatever I have to do.
Because no one else is going to do for me
What I have to do for myself.

The wrong wife?

How long would you take to analyze your own wife, to know if she is your compatability, or your soul mate?
One week? One month? Or 1 year?

I would like to say one month, like some software in trial version, that requires you to go pro.
Marriage should be in trial too, and if it don’t work out,
Then you can say goodbye.

Twenty two years, is too long, to live a lonely life.
And twenty two years is too long to waste,
Because you are married to the wrong wife.

I hate loud and boisterous person,
I hate people who like to talk,
But don’t like to listen.
I like women on fire,
Not women whose tongue is on fire.

Women who shows appreciation for the simple things that you are doing.
(Help mate)? Wash for you, cook for you,
Clean for you……OMG!!!
All those are past tense,
The older married women in their sixties
Would provide a more complete and detailed living conditions for their husband,
I am married, but I am single.

I sleep with my wife every night, still I am single.
My wife is the type of person who makes you ask yourself, WHY?
Why did I get married.

Tobacco products and how it affects us

With the many different types of warning signs on the cigarette packages, this does not seems to deter the consumers from consuming the deadly poison.

Warning!!!! Smoking is dangerous to your health, and your bank account.

Warning!!!! Smoking kills!

Every habitual smoker is playing Russian Roulette with their own lives,

And even other non smoking person

That is in their surrounding.

Is there any cigarette that is safe to smoke?

I’ve noticed that the new trend in smoking is the electronic devices that many are using to change their nicotine habits, but is it safe for their intestine?