your lifestyle

The transition period of man begins when he has no one to turn to and nowhere to go to.

Life was given to man to live,

So every man should live.

But while we are living a lie, pretending that everything is alright, fooling ourselves that we have it all, and we have our lives and our living conditions under control, we tends to forget that one simple thing, and that is the power of prayer. We live from day to day traveling behind the line, and refuses to get between the line, and into the line of prayer, which is the only means of communication to god Almighty, who has everything under his control.

But whenever we falls into a hole, or a problem,  because the bills are overdue, the light company has cut the light off, and the water is also off, then we always make that shout.

Help me Jesus! In our every day hustling and bustling, it is never too hard to find the time, jesus is always available, always on time, did you ever take up your phone and called the operator? Only to hear ( All our operators are busy, please call back when one is available) Jesus is always available, and he always answers your calls.